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The New Orleans Levees Held – Passing Their First Major Test Since Hurricane Katrina



There are several “great walls” in the world, but in this very moment, none are greater than the “Great Wall of Louisiana,” the rebuilt-levees which just passed their first test as Hurricane Ida hit Eastern U.S. and parts of the Gulf Coast.

The 1.8 mile-long, $1.3 billion storm surge barrier along Lake Borgne is the largest civil-works construction project in the history of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, built eight years after Katrina.

Storms and two hurricanes have pressed the levees and other defense systems, but Ida is the first one to rival Katrina in fury. As one of the most powerful storms to hit the state since the 1850s, according to National Geographic, it was the moment that hundreds of contingency planners, and millions of residents were waiting for. Would the levees hold? And they did!

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