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Winter Time 12/17/21

The leaves are changing, cooler temperatures have made their debut, and the days are getting shorter. Every year it seems as though time passes quickly between Halloween and the November/ December Holidays. As we acknowledge and give thanks to our family, friends, co-workers, and all those that were there for us this year. Our management company would like to thank all our homeowners and renters for maintaining and caring for their property, yard and their community. With your help we can continue to make our community a safe, clean, and wonderful place for everyone. We are forever grateful!!!

Give Free Food to Anyone in Bali Who Brings Plastic

As the pandemic ground the tourism industry on Bali to a halt, a man sought to do the same to the problem of plastic pollution, by offering rice in exchange for plastic garbage. The reaction was immediate, and compounding, with over 500 tons of plastic collected by over 200 villages on the Indonesian island, for which the organizers have given out over 550 tons of rice. Local neighborhood groups called Banjars began organizing plastic collections once a month in the forests, towns, and on the beaches, before bringing it to Yasa for their main staple food. Bali Tribune reports that in a single two-hour period in August of this year, a Plastic Exchange in the village of Saba collected turned in two tons of plastic, and that Yasa’s project was beginning to change the attitudes of islanders. “Now, people think that plastic waste must be sorted and collected, then exchanged. There are even my people who collect plastic on the streets every day,” explained the director of the Saba Banjar, Kadek Merta Anggara. “People in Bali live in nature,” Yasa said. “Traditionally, we believe nature has a soul. People do care about the environment. But the plastic pollution in Bali is because of lack of education and practice.”

Covid 19 Delta Variant 8/9/21

Covid 19 is back at stage 5 and everyone, even people who have been vaccinated, need to be careful. The Delta variant is much more contagious, more likely to break through protections afforded by the vaccines and may cause more severe disease than all other known versions of the virus, according to an internal presentation circulated within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please wear your masks, stay inside as much as possible and I also highly recommend getting the vaccine as not only can it help you but can help build a herd immunity for those who can't get the vaccine.  

Shade From Solar Panels Increases Abundance of Flowers, Benefiting Pollinators 7/12/21

A new study has found that shade provided by solar panels increased the abundance of flowers under the panels and delayed the timing of their bloom, both findings that could aid the agricultural community. The study, believed to be the first that looked at the impact of solar panels on flowering plants and insects, has important implications for solar developers who manage the land under solar panels, as well as agriculture and pollinator health advocates who are seeking land for pollinator habitat restoration. Pollinating insects aid in the reproduction of 75% of flowering plant species and 35% of crop species globally. Habitat for pollinating insects is declining globally as a result of urbanization, agricultural intensification and land development. Changes in global climate can also cause shifts in habitat availability. Meanwhile, solar photovoltaic installation in the U.S. has increased by an average of 48% per year over the past decade, and current capacity is expected to double again over the next five years, the researchers say. The increased demand for solar panels leads to an interest in the field of agrivoltaics, where solar energy production is combined with agricultural production, such as planting agricultural crops or grazing animals, on the same land. Graham works with Chad Higgins, an associate professor in Oregon State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Higgins recently published a paper that found co-developing land for both solar photovoltaic power and agriculture could provide 20% of total electricity generation in the United States with an investment of less than 1% of the annual U.S. budget. Furthermore, wide-scale installation of agrivoltaic systems could lead to an annual reduction of 330,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S—the equivalent of 75,000 cars off the road per year—and the creation of more than 100,000 jobs in rural communities, while minimally impacting crop yield, Higgins found.

Googly-Eyed Trash Wheels are Keeping Garbage Out of Oceans 6/23/21

The idea for some sort of garbage collector came from local inventor John Kellet, who would walk across the footbridge spanning the Jones Falls stream that feeds the Baltimore harbor and was disturbed upon seeing the unabated flow of garbage floating towards it. The googly-eyed trash collector has been gobbling up millions of pounds of the city’s river-borne garbage for years. His idea has been so successful that several other organizations are building their own Mr. Trash Wheel. Coming soon to the Gwynns Falls River in Maryland is Gwynda the Good Wheel of the West, while Oakland, California is building one called Trasharella. The first international Mr. Trash Wheel is coming to Panama, with “Mrs. Wheel” or “Doña Rueda.”

Astounding Fossil Discovery in California, Petrified Trees and Bones of Great Beasts 6/9/21

The bones of two elephant cousins, camel, rhino, horses, tortoises, and even a toothed-salmon weighing 400 pounds were all subsequently discovered there in what is one of the largest single discoveries in the state’s history. Most charismatic of Francek’s ‘Great Beasts’ was undoubtedly the complete skull of an American mastodon with all its teeth and magnificent tusks intact—the first discovery in the area since 1947. Needing over four days of work and eight people to load it into a truck, the two-tusked mastodon roamed Earth more than 10 million years ago before becoming extinct during the Pleistocene, just 12,000 years ago.

Goldfish and Me  5/21/21

On Tuesday, 5/18/21, I purchased two goldfish. A Black moor and a orange Oranda. I have them in a 29 gallon tank with lots of colorful fake plants and black rock. As well as a stone dragon, as I love dragons and it's a nice addition to the tank. The Black moor is named Trick and the orange Oranda is named Treat. Like trick or treat, giving them a Halloween theme. I love fish and when I was in high school I took a aquatic science class and in that class you actually took care of fish for a grade. So I could guarantee I knew the basics and just needed to study for the goldfish themselves and well, though they are messy, they are beautiful stupid bumper car fish and I love them. If you're looking for fish that are hardy and won't cause commotion, these are the fish for you.

Saving the Oceans 5/3/21

A professional yacht racer, annoyed by the constant sightings of floating mats of plastic garbage in the seawater, has created an ocean cleaning sailing yacht that is powered by the waste it collects, the Manta. It may be cleaning the oceans as the racer travels but they're not the only thing looking out for the oceans this May.

Australia last week committed $100 million to ocean conservation in an effort to protect ‘blue carbon’ environments and reduce emissions.

Uniquely suited to care about marine life, as the world’s only island continent, the investment package will also support Australian Marine Parks, expand the Indigenous Protected Areas in the Sea Country and protection of marine species.

Much of the funding will go towards ecosystems that involve sea-grass and mangroves, which play a key role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia’s oceans would be key to the country’s role in driving down emissions.

“The climate and the planet’s oceans are inextricably linked. This investment is a major contribution to domestic and international efforts to build healthier oceans and combat climate change,” said Morrison.

“This investment will boost the sea-grass and mangroves that will help cut emissions and it’ll mean cleaner beaches, lower fisheries by catch, more fish stocks, better protection for turtles and seabirds, and help for coastal and Indigenous communities reliant on the ocean for their livelihoods.”

Amazon and more join the UK, US and Norway in New Initiative to Preserve Tropical Rain forests 4/28/2021

During the international Climate Summit, three governments and nine giant corporations announced a groundbreaking coalition, called LEAF, which is mobilizing to raise at least $1 billion this year, alone, for large-scale forest protection and sustainable development. The coalition already includes the governments of the UK, US, and Norway, and international companies, including Airbnb, Amazon, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, and Unilever. The goal is for governments, businesses, and NGOs to pay for high-quality emissions reductions from tropical forests. The LEAF Coalition offers an important new approach that can help protect trees by offering the financial assurance needed for countries to start prioritizing policies that reduces deforestation.

Earth Day April 22nd

Earth Day is coming up fast and there's plenty you can do to show your love for the planet! Take a walk instead of driving, recycle and many more! I've started a small flower garden for the spring! I'm also thinking about growing some strawberries! I may live in a small apartment right in the middle of the city but that doesn't mean I can't help. With every plant that grows up big and strong the Earth becomes stronger and healthier too. What are you going to be doing this year?

The Cross Roads of Texas 3/29/21

We invite you to visit the Crossroads of Texas! We are expanding our reach toward Evant, Texas with a new office! Our main office is still in Round Rock and though that is not changing any time soon, we are very excited to tell you that we are growing thanks to your help and trust in our abilities. Evant is a cute, small town with locally owned stores featuring art, boutiques, antiques, home goods, baked goods, and more. They also have attractions such as the Buena Vista Wildlife Safari and the RV Park. Attend the local rodeo; visit a winery; attend the Pearl Bluegrass Jam and Stage Show. Evant is located at the junction of Highways 281 and 84, it’s 1½ hours from Austin, 30 minutes from Lampasas and an hour from Waco.

With time the Austin market has become very saturated, and the rental prices have become more and more unreasonable so, we thought it best to grow outward and discover more properties in different areas of central Texas. During this search we found the great secret of Evant; Being that Evant is the crossroads of Texas, it means we can reach new areas we couldn’t before! Such as, Killeen, Fort Hood, Temple and many more. There is plenty of fresh, beautiful land with a much more reasonable housing market to go with it, as well as plenty to do. Museums to water parks, fun for a whole family or you can go to the golfing clubs and spas if that more towards your style. There is something for everyone out in this northwestern part of central Texas; for you and your future residents alike.

If you have any questions about purchasing and/or investing in any properties out in these areas, please don’t hesitate to send an email or call Tonia McCoy at (512) 567-3038. We are also answering any questions or concerns about our new upcoming office and area itself. Again, thank you all for trusting and believing in us. We couldn’t have gotten here without you and we hope you are excited as we are as we continue to grow!

My Name is Taylor McCoy!  3/22/21

Hi! As I am a new face to this business, I thought it best to introduce myself! I'm Taylor McCoy. I'm 19, 20 in may and I am Tonia's kiddo! I may be young but I grew up in this business, going to make readies and shows since I was small. I've watched as my parents business grew and now that it's big enough I'm proud to be an official employee. I also will be running this website from now on, so if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask!

Covid-19 is here to stay. The world is working out how to live with it

Editor’s note: Some of our covid-19 coverage is free for readers of The Economist Today, our daily newsletter. For more stories and our pandemic tracker, see our hub

YOU MAY BE exhausted but the covid-19 pandemic is barely getting started. Six months after Chinese scientists notified the World Health Organization (WHO) of a new virus that caused deadly pneumonia, covid-19—as the disease was later dubbed—has spread to almost every country around the world and killed more than 500,000 people. In London, Madrid and New York deaths this year have been more than twice what they usually are in the same months. It took more than three months for global cases to reach a million; the last million came in less than a week.

With good strategy and strong execution, we will be able to return to a safer, more united world with better health care


Welcome! Come inside, look around and visit with us

   We are adapting, learning and trying to do and be our best selves  even now.... maybe especially now.

    AAA Realty is trying to serve the community in many ways and   always has.  It has been our great honor to be of service.

   One way we are doing this is providing great homes, great service and outstanding cooperation in these times. Keeping people in the homes they like and want. I love it when plans work out!! win /win for everyone!!

Another outreach we are doing is we are providing 100 sack lunches per month to the homeless. We are actually going out safely and carefully to deliver these ourselves.  

   We want people to know we are all here and in this as a community, city, state and nation.  We are all in this.. everyone.

Services they once could take part in are all now closed or so limited in hours or resources themselves. They are doing the best they are able, 

We must all be our best selves.   Hey another topic.....

Be safe be careful be kind and talk soon,

Tonia McCoy

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